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Integration of the New Employees

In Human Resources on September 21, 2009 at 9:16 am

How many of us have started a new professional activity without knowing where our office is, with what tools we will work or not knowing our future? This happens because most employers do not give sufficient importance of the integration process of new employees.

On the other hand, many employees will not work at a company for long time and it is hard for the employers to know and talk with all.

From the new employees point of view integration process has two major components: the professional one and the social one.

In the professional component, the new employee must learn the job duties, responsibilities, processes, rules and policy of the company.

The social integration process of new employees is one that takes a longer time and involves, primarily, new incoming data familiarization with the working environment, but also with his colleagues.

This process helps to facilitate new employee integration, strengthening the feeling that is part of the company. Each of us, when we first met with a person, we make an impression that could be decisive. This impression is powerful and could have a great impact on the subsequent of the employee. This impression could make him loyal to the company or could make him look for another job in the near future. The first step that an employer could make is to decide is what person will go through an integration process.

Another important aspect in the process of integration is one of duration and can not be done in a short time.


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