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Are Your Employees Happy?

In Human Resources on April 12, 2010 at 10:43 am

As job losses continue to pile up, the vast majority of Americans still say they love their job as much as before the recession, a year ago.

Of 2,158 Americans surveyed by the Swiss human resources firm Adecco, 78 percent report they love what they do as much as or more than before the start of the recession. Only 14 percent said the economic downturn has made loving their job less important.

But the report also suggests their true feelings are mixed. Fifty-four percent would pick another career if they could choose again. And the biggest pre-workweek emotion was not excitement or even indifference, but gratitude. Forty-one percent reported that appreciation for having a job as their dominant feeling on Sundays.

Bernadette Kenny, Adecco North America’s chief career officer, warned employers against taking advantage of these feelings by overworking employees.

“While it is normal for companies to ask their staff to do more during a recession to keep the business performing successfully, equally important is recognizing the limits to each employees’ time and capabilities,” she said.

After fifteen years of research into well-being in the workplace, Thomas Wright, a professor of management and chair of business administration at Kansas State University, concludes happy employees are crucial to a successful organization.

“The bottom line is that there’s a definite benefit for companies,” he said. “Whether it’s just a means to an end or an end in-and-of itself, the evidence is extremely clear that the individuals who have better psychological well-being are better performers.”


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