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Worker Leasing Services

EmployerSuite is our entry level package of Worker Leasing (what is Worker Leasing?). It allows clients to combine the most necessary requirements that come with becoming an employer; Basic Payroll Services, and Workers Compensation Coverage, into one vendor in order to simplify their business model.

Our workers’ compensation experts can reduce your long-term workers’ compensation costs while simplifying the reporting process. Workers’ Compensation laws, administrative rules and case law can be bewildering. Our Risk Managers have the philosophy of ‘Paying every cent due but not a penny more.’ We want to assist injured workers return to productive lives but we will not be buffaloed. Cardinal will ensure efficient and effective methods processing and handling of work related injuries, OSHA record keeping and safety assistance and training. And with Cardinal, there are no large deposits or costly audits!

We begin with presenting injuries both through safety as well as effective HR strategies. If a claim does take place we focus on returning an employee to a light duty position as soon as the attending physician allows. Countless studies have shown effective early return to work programs are the most effective claims management tools. Employees that return to work in some capacity are more likely to return to their regular job because they are less worried about their job and want to be productive when among their coworkers. This is especially easy to see when contrasted against an employs sitting at home collecting disability and wondering what their future holds. Safety is also critical to the success of all business, even “low” hazard business. Cardinal works to keep you in compliance and to stay abreast of changes.

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